Rainy Day

This week was a busy one, but there wasn’t much extra going on other than our usual classes and activities, so I didn’t get many pictures. The students are settling into what French life is like in Saumur and routines are forming. They are up early for class during the week, we have lunch together, we go back for another class, and then afternoon activities. Around 4:00pm we say good-bye to them and they spend the evenings with their host families eating dinner, working on homework, watching T.V., visiting other families, playing with host brothers and sisters, all the while practicing their French and getting so much better! I may have already said this, but their progress amazes me.

The one thing that’s been a little different is the rain. We haven’t had any before now and yesterday when we were on our way back to Saint-Louis for the afternoon, it came pouring down. Of course, many of us had left our umbrellas in the classroom while we went to lunch, so below is the result of our 15-minute walk from lunch to Saint-Louis. This is one of the many times I’m so thankful to be in France where there is no air conditioning! We watched a movie yesterday afternoon during our activity time and had there been AC in the amphitheater, we would have frozen to death because we were all soaked!

IMG_0351 IMG_0352 IMG_0353 IMG_0356 IMG_0357 IMG_0358

As you can see, they didn’t seem too heart-broken about it. They seemed to have a pretty good time nonetheless. In fact, Bente made the most of the rain by bringing inside her new friend Gary, pictured here:


Don’t worry, after passing him around the group for a few minutes from leaf to leaf, she finally exclaimed: “Okay, je vais libérer Gary maintenant!” (which roughly translates to: “Okay, I’m going to free Gary now!”) and took the little guy outside. Leave it to our students to have fun, even in the rain.

Next week, we will visit the office of the mayor on Wednesday where I will try to get a video of our students in choir singing La Marseillaise (the French national anthem) to post for you. Then Thursday and Friday we are headed to Normandy! It should be another busy week, with ample opportunity for more pictures, so stay tuned!

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